Angela Carillo


What You Don’t Own…Owns You

I’ve come to understand that the experiences of abandonment and abuse robbed me of the ability to choose my life. From an early age, I learned to live life by default, which was rooted in fear and expressed in self-destructive behaviors. I disrespected my body with drugs and alcohol. I ignored my emotional well-being by accepting verbal and physical abuse. I sabotaged career opportunities. I settled in my relationships with men. I neglected myself spiritually through my excessive busyness.

My inability to recognize my unworthiness trapped me in a whirlwind of chaos caused by repeated negative choices.


I welcomed the very part of me that was preventing me from the life I wanted, desired, and dreamed of…

And, I began dancing with every aspect of who I am––even when awkward and difficult. Then, my life shifted.


I invite you to look at your life and uncover where and how you are hiding from the truth of who you are ~ and, more importantly, why.

Wisdom is the result of the internal quest…the life trip.

About Angela

Angela Carrillo is a renowned expert in the world of mental health. She invites individuals to explore the places they hide to acknowledge, heal, and integrate forgotten or ignored pieces within themselves necessary to complete their wholeness.

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